Creating a healthy relationship

This post is about romantic relationships.

Relationships require work, but they aren’t hard to understand.

You can operate from principle, effectively implementing a policy of love.

I have constructed five key components of my relationship policy.

  1. Respect: You must have respect for the others’ perspective, validating their feelings through efforts of willing empathy. You must actively seek to ensure they are okay with your actions and words by checking in regularly and keeping an open mind.
  2. Trust: Believe that they will not cheat. If they do, oh well. It is better to trust and be optimistic than live with anxiety. If you can’t trust easily, seek to understand why.
  3. Faith: Have faith the relationship will work out. Confidence is key to accomplishment. Doubt can manifest negative outcomes because you end up pushing the other person away. It’s better to be faithful than suspicious because suspicion drives neuroticism. A healthy mind is a healthy life and creates a culture for the expression of positive self-esteem.
  4. Compromise: This complements respect. An empathic recognition of others’ experiences and feelings paves the way for a thriving relationship. A lack of ability to compromise indicates an unwillingness to humble our egos and see beyond ourselves.
  5. Commitment: This is relationship grit. It’s love verbing. Without mutual 100/100 dedication from each party, the thing’s moot.


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