Female objectification

Growing up I was surrounded by males who viewed women as objects. They would do things like drive down the road together, ogle women, and make inappropriate comments.

I experienced the glorification of the player in middle and high school. I was a player. There was a competition among my friends to see who could get girls. They were often only seen as trophies to be won.

In college, I learned about the subordinate role women tend to play in the media.

For instance, reflect on how few movies you’ve seen that pass the Bechdel test. To do so the movie must answer yes to three questions:

  1. Are there two women that have names?
  2. Do they talk to each other?
  3. Is it about something other than a man?

I experienced a culture that tacitly encouraged me to be selfish and unempathetic to the female experience. To improve as a society there must be more men who have the courage to put themselves in the shoes of women, speak up against their objectification, and be allies in the fight against their prejudice.


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