A lot of things worth doing aren’t easy.

It’s hard to create; intentional creation – of a habit, of a piece of art, or of anything takes work. And you’ll probably fail.

You will miss days of blogging.

You will not succeed all the time at self-discipline.

You will not always be a good person.

You will fail.

I will fail because I am trying something hard. I am trying to create the ultimate creation, a good life.

And because I believe that it’s worth failing; that it’s worth falling off the horse, feeling bad because I missed a day at the gym, and kicking myself for procrastinating.


Success is:



Appreciating the little things.

Really, really, really, hard intentional creation.

And, necessarily, failure.

99/100, you have to suck before you’re good.

Success is failure. But you have to try to create.


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