Community: The foundation of culture

Smarter people than me, scholars and artists, have tried hard to capture the complexities of the human experience and show perennial truths about the state of Man. Unfortunately, the fact is that it’s probably impossible to do. There are so many diverse cultures in the world. People change greatly for an unlimited number of reasons, from biological to conditional to generational and locational.

Yet, it seems that there are some things that people tend to want. They would like to feel accepted and like they belong. They want to experience their parent’s love, support, and guidance; and have the confidence that their parents will be dependable. And they want to feel like their work is meaningful – or, to put it differently, that they are living a meaningful life.

Mixed in with these there are variations. Some people are more disagreeable and don’t care what people think, so they don’t worry so much about belonging, others are just not good people, and some only really care about themselves.

You could go on describing the nuances of existence, but it’s safe to say this one very important truth that most people in Western culture commonly accept: human beings are social creatures. More than anything else, we crave to be a part of a community.


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