The artist and the professional

The professional tends to live according to a system.

There is a method in place.

When meeting people they follow the rules of the game. They follow their checklist, introducing themselves with a smile, shaking hands firmly with eye contact, trying to display a good attitude, and if they’re smart, letting the other person talk about themselves.

If they are really attempting to play the game well, they try to only do that which conforms to their personal brand, the organized ideas of themselves that they want others to perceive.

When working they follow proper procedure, the formal and informal rules of their workplace culture. They stay within the confines of the established structure because it makes it more predictable, and they just want to get their job done.

The artist tends to live according to themselves.

There’s is a path of sincere expression.

They seek that which enlarges their souls, the things they feel compelled to accomplish out of a deep desire, interest, or passion.

This is not to say there isn’t overlap. Making a good impression doesn’t have to be confined strictly to professional behavior, and rules of professionalism tend to just be rules of propriety or appropriate conduct.

The key is the creative aspect which arises out of the individuality the artist cultivates by pursuing their own path and which is dappened by the professionals conformity to established systems.

When artists are found in the workplace they may seem odd, but they are the folks who will innovate.

They can look at problems from new angles, and their perspective can help create a better culture because it can stimulate dialogue and reveal improvable strategies or procedures.


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