If you feel uncomfortable, you’re probably doing something right

Seth Godin says that it’s dangerous to be average, to appeal to the masses. You look just like everyone else. You’re just another individual. This idea is conveyed in this TED talk.

Platitudes that hold up: 1. A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there. 2. Fortune favors the bold.

Authenticity often feels a lot like discomfort, like insecurity that something you do won’t be accepted.

So you have to cultivate social courage.

It can be hard, especially while you’re navigating your identity in your 20s. But you have to step out. You can’t go along to get along. That’s how we remain mired in the same problems. That’s how systems fail.

Make the move. Wake up each day and ask yourself how you can live a little more true to your conviction. Each day is a small step until eventually you realize you’ve created something genius.

Here’s a great Janelle Monae song in case you need some inspiration:


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