The quirky, delightful, and supremely opinionated Helen Rosner

Okay, so I have just discovered a new inspiration.

I am continuing to binge listen to the Longform Podcast, and over the course of the 20+ hours I have put in, I have discovered much.

Two learnings stand out to me as someone on the outside looking into this fantastic bubble of what seems to be coastal intellectualism:

1. The New Yorker is a big deal.

2. Helen Rosner, a food correspondent at said publication, is amazing.

She’s featured on Longform’s episode #299.

I don’t always agree with what she says, but what’s to love about her is that, although she’s at this great, influential publication, she ostensibly keeps it super real.

This manifests as a complex blend of well-thought opinion about things like what drives great narrative, self-deprecation, slight braggadocio, and pure flippancy. She’s ironic in a way that is quirky and fresh.

I began to feel this way after looking over her old blog posts. She has two blog archives: ReadySteadyGo and Every Day Forever.

ReadySteadyGo’s posts date back to 2004 and go all the way up to 2011. The blog’s subheading understandably and humorously reads “(I honestly don’t remember why I called it that; it was so long ago.)”

Her other blog is similarly unpretentious, simply stating “I ain’t no freakin’ monument to justice.” The about on that page is “Not too long ago my boyfriend said he wants to be with me ‘every day forever.’ This site will get awkward if we ever break up.”

So, you can kind of get what I mean.

I encourage you to check out her Twitter feed and look into her old posts. The blogs are wonderfully random and sometimes downright hilarious

Also, in case you would like some more info, here’s a characteristic talk she did recently at XOXO, an experimental festival for independent artists and creators who work on the internet:


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