Dear Elitist,

You think you know better, but you don’t. If you were really smart, you would know that every person has something worthwhile to teach you and that there is so much left to learn.

You look down upon those with less culture, propriety, or education, and in so doing reveal your ugly shallowness. The only thing that matters in this life is your character. The work you do in this world must be for good. If it is not, you have lived a selfish, and therefore, poor life.

You are not unique. Most people want distinction and to see themselves on a cultural pedestal. It’s called superiority or illusory bias.

Again, like most, you believe you possess something of higher intrinsic value than others. You just won the birthplace lottery and have a little more knowledge to back it up. But knowledge isn’t the absolute truth you have the same claim to as all of us, and facts are useless if they are not actionable.

If you read more good books, listened to more perspectives, and/or really got to know the people you looked down on, your lack of virtue would be mirrored back to you – your materialism and vanity.

It’s easy to embrace pride. It’s hard to practice vulnerability and accept the fact that you really have no idea what you are doing, but if you tried, it’s possible you could do really great things for the world.

However, you’re settled on petty. You have all the answers, right? You boldly hold the ultimate honor of standard-bearer because of your privilege.

I’m sorry, but you’re sick. Take a hard look at yourself because we’re all in this together, and your ego is harming others.

Love your neighbor, accept and include your peers, and try to do the right thing.


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