It’s okay to feel sad or upset some days.

It is easy to feel there is a canyon between your expectations of yourself or your life and the realities.

Life is mundane for many. It is a series of small, often unnoticable changes.

And it’s often not fair.

And people can suck and be selfish and judgy.

And you might feel like an underdog

…or unrelatable

…or weird

…or lonely

…or lost

…or like you can’t be yourself.

Just keep trying. Never stop searching for what you love, and speak up about it.

Wanting to quit is normal. Feeling overwhelmed is natural, especially for those who are young and don’t have privilege.

(I feel overwhelmed a lot.)

Give yourself permission to celebrate the small things.

Life is a series of highs and lows.

Just take it one day, or hour, or second at a time. You can do this.


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