The first step to being cultured

If you don’t come from an intellectual environment, trying to get a good foundation of knowledge can be daunting. Quality education is difficult to come by, and you may not know it when you see it.

I’m convinced that it’s a never-ending adventure. Culture is something to be explored, and you never really get it figured out. The ones who think they know it all haven’t read enough or sought out enough information that challenges their perspectives.

One might recommend you begin by reading a lot of cultural media, listening to news stations like NPR, PBS, or BBC, or exploring sites like Open Culture.

These are all okay places to begin, but my advice is simple:

Read great books. 

I’m not talking about the latest New York Times best-sellers. These are actually poor indications of quality. I am referring to the classics, the books that have proven through the ages to be monuments of thought and relevance.



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