The essential books to start becoming cultured

Reading great books will open new worlds for you. For instance, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin can teach you about novellas, new methods of instilling habits of virtue, and inspire visions of eloquence – establishing a standard of intellectualism you might strive for.

This book is mentioned in particular because it was the book that commenced my love for learning.

One hot summer day in 2014, while I was reading the book in the passenger seat of the Steak n’ Shake food truck I worked on, I discovered a list in the back of it: The Barnes and Noble Library of Essential Reading, a collection of the most important cultural works, hand-picked by experts in academia.

At that time, I resolved to read every single book on it, or at least become familiar with them enough to decide whether they were worthwhile pursuits.

It has served me well, and here it is for you in hopes that it might ignite a similar spark, advancing your journey in a direction of cultural richness.

From Goodreads (Nearer to my list)

The now expanded library

Another format from OverDrive



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