The creative process

It’s likely your project won’t feel good enough. Authors miss deadlines for drafts all the time because they just don’t think their work is quite right.

It’s likely that what resonates will be surprising. Many artists receive surprise smash hits.  I like hip hop, so I will use that to exemplify. Kyle was amazed when his song “iSpy” blew up, and on the flip side, it’s likely that what you think will resonate won’t. Logic thinks that Mos Definitely is a great song on his album Everybody, but most people don’t really talk about it.

If you want to be creative, create. Put yourself out there. Your first drafts will be stinkers. That’s part of the process. Some authors go through over 20 drafts.

Don’t worry about unoriginality. There is no original. Every innovator is influenced, and it takes a lot of time and practice to develop a unique voice.

This applies to startups and new programs in an organization and working out and going to school. You’re bad then you’re kinda good. The hardest part is trying consistently. You have to really want it. Napolean Hill calls this the need for a burning desire in Think and Grow Rich.

Sure, there are different approaches. For some, trying is journaling to practice clarity of thought. For others, it’s blogging every day, a rough chapter of a book idea, or a basic beat in FL Studio.

And yeah, structure is often important to get right.

But I promise you will never succeed until you take your life into your own hands and take the first steps to build momentum.

You will remain just another someone who wishes they took a shot.