A lyric

Serial materialism
Extinguishing the real for the vain
Distinguishing identities
Vying for the recognition of name
Nations plundered for greed
Families soiled for seeds
Wealth which grows exponential
Lost potential in families who can’t afford a rental
While people lease cars they can’t afford
Or go to stores to forge the world’s acceptance
Heaven is a mess if it’s a reflection of our efforts, our treasures, our measures of self-worth
We’re cursed to be murderers, partake in self-slaughter, abandon our neighbor’s daughter, mock the Right’s martyr, stomp our forefathers, so we can rock Madison Square Garden
Fighters are few and far
Starvers are worth it for a fast car
Or a quick buck
Or a woman with no grounding in a sense of morality
Western culture’s capital vultures and partisans like Ann Coulter will sour our homes and provide premonitions for high mortality