A lyric: 3

It’s riveting, really
Ideals and abilities, learning agility
Growing affinities
Higher amenities
Documentaries countering
The movies that lied to me

Buddy cop flicks from the 80s
Creating the standard of ladies
It’s black magic and masochist
Boppity bippty of luxury lavishes
Marked and established the standards of femme mystique

Breed the discreet
50% are set to be sexed or meek
Take to the streets and reveal the disease

Meat in Ibiza
Popping their pills and then smoking their reefer
Corruption of youth who live for the season
Egos in leaders who lead without meaning

The artists are saviors
Revealing the racists
And places where traces
Where our ancestors’ histories bleed

The darkness of cultural ease
Built on the backs of unwilling passengers
Carried by caravans directed by power’s conceit
The oppressive elite

The daughter who wasn’t empowered
Our sons, they sit in their towers
Our fathers who art in their power
Say prayers to the players in games

Say praise to the almighty dollar
On high, please let me win the new lotto
I am a humble new follower
In the dogma of Western armata
I offer my honor and martyr
Please! If not the lotto, I’m fine with a Honda

Sure, you can state the exceptions
Yes, bonds, they have been lessened
And many don’t give in to greed
But many do, so I’m telling you
It’s important to heed this decree:

The wealthy in towers indulge in gluttonous feasts while many minorities, people in poverty, women, and ebonies can’t get a mezzanine
And power and cowardice trample inhabitants from which you can’t get a drink

Note: This is one of the darkest things I’ve ever drafted. In hindsight, I don’t necessarily agree with all the assertions, but I still believe they’re worth consideration. Human nature is complex and nuanced. A discussion of the issues is critical, but it’s important to realize there are a lot of good, loving, and saving qualities to appreciate.