Positivity and influence

I’m wrapping up a three-day conference for city managers in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. During the course of these three days, I have had many emotions come and go thanks to the variety of social interactions that occur while networking. Sometimes I felt like people were all fake, other times I felt like they were good. As I close out the conference I am reminded that they are simply human beings – some good, some bad, mostly just trying their best.

We have a tendency to focus on the negative. It’s human nature and can be perhaps contributed to fight or flight.

Whatever the reason, as I noted last Christmas, this propensity is an obstacle that must be overcome. Cynicism is fruitless and unnecessary. It’s never won any hearts and never created a better life. A movement isn’t started with a compelling message that clearly outlines all the problems to be addressed; movements begin by outlining clear visions of hope – and are sustained by incremental challenging but attainable goals set with consistent leaders.