The dread of doubt

If it is best to seek perspective from literature, why don’t we all do it?

Perhaps one reason is that it’s hard to have an open mind. This is because if you do, you see something of a paradox: the more you know, the less you know.

Perspective challenges existing conviction; it raises doubt, which can be dreadful. It’s scary to not know.

Often we crave certainty. There’s a comfort in predictability or knowing. It makes life constant and provides us a sense of identity.

Though what we don’t realize until we try to know is that doubt is powerful because it is the birthplace of intellectual and personal progress.

Instead of allowing doubt to consume you, you can learn to reconcile it through faith.

Faith that there is truth, even if truth is unknowing, which it isn’t.

And the more you see it isn’t, the more you find your grounding – because you have found your truth. Then you can speak the truth which you’ve found. Then you change the world.