Karma yoga and feeling

In karma yoga, you’re instructed to practice good intentions until you do so unconsciously then free yourself from all attachment and intention.

Yogis say that life is cyclical suffering because of attachment, and the only way to escape it is through this gradual release.

If you aren’t attached to anything, you can’t get hurt.

Also, it’s said a person of virtue acts with equanimity, they keep their poise or wits about them, they remain even-keeled – in times of both good fortune and misfortune.

It might be said if you’re constantly tempering your feelings, you aren’t really experiencing life or you’re sacrificing a vital element of your humanity, as well as your intuition.

It’s tough to say for sure which is the best perspective.

It’s true that rationality and detachment can perhaps ease the pain of loneliness, let downs, or loss.

But is it worth your wonder, joy, or immense appreciation for life?



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