Celebrating small successes

As a kid, many of us spend our time looking forward to being grown-ups.

Our parents won’t be able to tell us what to do anymore, we will be able to go to the movies and do other fun stuff whenever we want, and we won’t have a bedtime.

Surely, it’s an awesome time.

Then we get there.

Adulthood becomes a scary thing. As our brains mature we realize the importance of responsibility and the dangers of failure, and life just generally gets more complicated. It’s certainly not what we thought it would be.

It’s like that with success.

You earn your spot on the social hierarchy gradually, and once you’re there you realize there are just new problems you have to deal with.

It’s cliché, but really, you get to see that happiness is something inside of you that cannot be fulfilled with money or comforts.

It takes an attitude of gratitude and a grounding in our values.

So, we have to learn to celebrate the small wins, like getting our first very own office, or earning an A on an important test, or most critically, the almost unnoticeable hints that you’re doing your relationships well and you’re respected and trusted by people you affiliate with.

In other words, life lived wells means finding joy in the details.

We might be bogged in the mire, but we can still see the beauty of the swamp – after all, it’s true, it’s pretty sweet not having a bedtime anymore.