Brian Koppelman and his quest to understand the life-changing moments in our lives

I’ve recently started listening to Brian Koppelman’s podcast The Moment. The show is described simply as “Interviews about the pivotal moments that fueled fascinating creative careers”. I’ve started at the beginning, and what I’m really enjoying about the show is that Brian is clearly a very well read and connected person. He brings on friends and acquaintances and their conversations often evolve into complex discussions about things like that person’s innermost motivations, attitudes toward the political Hollywood scene, and the cultured life in New York City.

I don’t agree with everything Brian does. He can be abrasive, he interrupts people, and we have different cultural tastes (he’s a Saturday Night Live fanatic and adores the Mets). But his genuine curiosity, artistic awareness, and vast cultural knowledge make the show engaging and more than worthwhile. I highly recommend you give it a try.