Post 100 complete, thank you

My last post was the 100th.

That’s 100 thoughts shared from the heart, 100 assertions made.

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog regularly. Some of the people include Kat, Kent Wayne, Kourtney, Amy, Jake Lawrence, Kelsey (my girlfriend), Gaston, Empress2Inspire, Dakota, and Danventure Travels.

I’d write my blog without people who read it, but having people read it makes it exponentially more fun, exciting, and inspiring.

It’s like having people witnessing the journey of my development.

It may not be millions of people right now, but I am incredibly grateful to have anyone listen.

Blogging every day for the past three months or so has been immensely more rewarding than I ever could have expected.

I look forward to growing more with you for a long time.