Changing habits

I have made a couple of big decisions in my life recently.

I am done with social media except managing it for the organizations I serve, and I’ve also quit listening to podcasts and eating meat.

Social media became too much of a means for unhealthy social comparison, it’s a negative influence culturally, and it is a waste of time. In the time I spent scrolling through Reddit at lunch I will now read a page or three of a book.

After discovering This is Broken I now have a lot of really great books to read, which probably will offer more transformative narratives than podcasts. I likely will go back to some favorites if I am really craving them like InvisibiliaAkimbo, and Hidden Brain. My focus certainly will be books, though.

And I believe not consuming meat is a more healthy and ethical choice.

Finding and growing good habits is challenging. Other habits I’m striving to incorporate are running a mile a day and 15 to 25 minutes of yoga, daily moisturizer, appropriate application of sunscreen, brushing my teeth with my non-dominant hand, wearing sunglasses, and making my bed and cleaning my room every day.

Eventually, I’d like to incorporate nightly journaling, meditation, and when I get time, fiction writing.