So, you don’t like it? Stop complaining and act

It’s amazing, astounding, astonishing, and downright absurd how many people live satisfied with dissatisfaction.

So, you feel like that organization you want to be a part of doesn’t accept people like you? Speak up (in private).

So, you feel tired of the fact you don’t have any friends? Reach out. Show up.

So, you feel like those “professionals” you met weren’t sincere? Lead by example.

So, you would have gotten that education or practiced that skill or written that book or started karate or asked that girl out, but only…right?  Just start, right now.

We’ve all got challenges.

Walk up to a man on the street and say, “Someone told me about your problem,” and they’ll likely respond, “Who told you?”

A major difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person is the successful person acts.

You might not feel certain. You might even be terrified. But if you feel that voice in your head telling you something’s got to give, you’ve got to go.