Professionals, family relationships, and the challenge of a successful career

I know multiple people whose lives are strained by their professional desires. They and their partners:

  1. Live in different states because that’s where their careers took them;
  2. Have divorced because one was too focused on their career and neglected their family life; or
  3. Are forced to compromise because one person got offered their dream job.

Institutionalized professionalism is an outgrowth of capitalism that undermines the well-being of families and personal livelihood.

“If it were easy everyone would do it.”

If it were easy, graduate students wouldn’t have higher rates of mental illness. If it were easy, they could see their families, friends, and loved ones more often. If it were easy, we’d have more of a skilled workforce because people wouldn’t drop out of school because it was too much pressure or never enroll because they thought they couldn’t cut it.

In some careers, it gets easier after school. In many, it doesn’t. It can become consuming. You might work 60 or more hours a week or take on the profession as a lifestyle – allowing it to define you.