Bliss versus joy

Ignorance is bliss and some are just comfortable going along blissfully. They don’t care that they have an alcohol problem or that their friends have drug problems or that boy they’re interested in is a cheater and not a good person. They’re content. They’re happy.

The hard thing to do is to wake up every day and take responsibility for your actions. If you don’t have someone in your life pushing you to do that, why should you? How can you? It can be inconvenient, even anguishing, to live an upright life. The problem is that this kind of happiness doesn’t pay dividends. In the end, these folks are going to end up miserable and in poor health, wondering how things got so bad, and terribly misguided.

Integrity and searching for what’s right, on the other hand, will pay off long-term joy, wisdom, and peace. It also makes the world a more happy place because existence that is properly ordered, well-thought, and constructive is productive and satisfaction inducing. It just takes time to build good habits.

A big reason why so many never reach a state of genuine joy and abide in ignorant bliss is that they’ve never been shown or encouraged. We need more leaders who not just act as an example in the spotlight but who listen and try to patiently and kindly help.