A poem for what’s right

Oft-brash or brazen leaders
Call their plays without heart or thought
They seek their mark from deeds they’ve wrought
With pride they hold their titles high and status sought

They tend to go along to get along, never asking why they’ve gone
Striving for their name in lights or throngs to sing a Song of Songs
It’s easy, I suppose, to smugly cast a life, comfortably in an upper class
To go to class, just get by, and never ask for whys or extra tasks

Certainly, it’s not the case that all don’t care
It’s true that many do, but we need more
Selfishness and greediness brought a world that’s unfair and war-torn
I hope we can work together to speak against these elite and bring what’s right
What the world needs is listening and kind souls, unafraid to fight