Accept them.

No one you meet in your life will be what you expect from them completely.

There will inevitably come a time when you find they come up short.

They might not show enough attention, give us love in a way we feel we need, offer us advice that is helpful or insightful, take care of themselves in a way we respect, or might not always practice what they preach. The list could go on indefinitely.

We’re all just human beings just trying to find happiness. We’re all dealing with things, and we all have our own struggles.

Here’s the thing: is this person giving it their best shot? If yes, then accept them and just let them live. The time will come to help if you love long enough. It’s vital to your overall life’s happiness to understand the dangers of pressing too hard. It’s easy to be too heavy-handed and to cross the line from caring to judgemental.

But what if they don’t seem to care or really be trying? Well, then move on, forget about it.

This quote will serve you well: the greatest thing a person can be is easily forgiving and satisfied.

Yes, it’s important to care and to want to change things. People tend to hate change though. They tend to see themselves in a good light and take criticism poorly.

So, change systems, change institutions, change the freaking world. Just don’t worry about changing people you care for too much. It would really stink to lose them.