The replaceability of us

It is a commonly accepted position that each of us is replaceable. Certainly, this is true on some level. Western culture has been molded so that most functions are standardized. We can easily find a different person to change our oil, do our taxes, or even teach us high school social studies. But there are a select few who are irreplaceable.

Those that cannot be replaced are the artists and innovators of the world. These are the select few who have paved a unique path and have forged creations that are remarkable. The Beatles weren’t replaceable, Bob Dylan wasn’t replaceable, and Steve Jobs wasn’t replaceable.

So, when someone says, “Everyone is replaceable.” What they’re really saying is, “Right now you and I are replaceable.” Don’t let this get you down. It takes a lot of time to build up an audience or customer base that truly loves you, not just what you do for them. You have to show up and try to create amazing stuff consistently.