Give so much thought to your best life, you don’t have time to care what the masses are doing

There is a saying that goes “give so much time to improve yourself,  you don’t have time to criticize others.” This can be extended further. You could say “give so much attention to doing what’s right for you, you stop caring about societal expectations.”

If you dedicated your life to only pursuing things that matter to you, it’s likely that, eventually, you’ll notice you’ve stopped following what the crowd is doing. You’ll notice that you no longer have any idea what the cool things to say are or what the latest trend is on social media or why people give so much thought to trivial things like the Kardashians or being awkward.

A lot of folks, frankly, have too much time on their hands. They expend so much mental energy being judgemental and close-minded. They don’t think for themselves. And they tend to not be doing anything of substance besides going through the motions granted by their privilege or being selfish.