An album recommendation: NEOTHEATER

This is an unorthodox post. There’s not an idea I present. Instead, I just wanted to share with you the latest album I’ve been listening to: NEOTHEATER by AJR. AJR made a splash in 2017 with their album The Click with songs like “I’m Not Famous” and “Weak.” Their style was unique because it infused catchy pop beats with ostensibly authentic confessionals.

This new album, which I’ve already listened to about five times, is an augmented version of The Click – more insightful and human with better, bigger beats. While it’s mostly a general exploration of the band’s evolving 20-something existential struggles, it also provides a keen representation of their conceptions of their new fame their last album earned them, the propensity to drown out depression and angst with novel entertainment, and the ease of selling out.

Check out this song for a great taste of the album.