A poem for the go-getter

I know a businesswoman who’s no longer idealistic
She let the cynicism win
Now her progressivism’s distant
She once was an idol
A model who followed tenets
A dreamer among a sea of professionals who don’t get it
The system got to her
Now she’s gonna quit it
To watch your comrades fall in the trenches is tough to witness
I guess the heat gets rough at the top
Innovation will test limits
You might get labeled a misfit
Get shunned by those whom the system gives benefits
It takes courage to stand in one’s conviction
To boldly be resistant
Reform takes patience and daring to ask questions
It’s hard to be original, principled, and address methods
It’s safer to be idle and go along
Despite threats to accepted ethics
It stands to reason that fairness demands willingness to be restless
To express passion and call for different perspectives
This woman helped make me
She advised, stood by, and showed me a path worth changing
A network to guide visions for new generations
One that welcomed minorities and ladies
I’ll continue to be patient
Carry a torch of faith
And lighting a way despite obstacles and being afraid
Because it’s not for us, it’s for the kids without a shot
The one’s without power because they aren’t given a lot