The continual work needed in a romantic relationship

Romance is the most important element in a relationship. It’s the source of the “spark.” It’s the fuel for zest, excitement, and deep connection. Without sustained romance, a relationship won’t function on all cylinders.

It’s tough to sustain romance. Comfort creeps in like the slow growth of grass. You don’t mind that it’s getting out of hand until you eventually have to mow. Except instead of tedious mowing you have do something much harder, that is, emotional labor and overcoming entrenched habits.

If you’re not staying vigilant in your relationship by putting in the time for vulnerable and empathetic discussion, being generous with your affection, and pushing the envelope in terms of showing you care, you risk things becoming stale. You might accidentally give up on mutual growth.

It’s worth a reminder that relationships are a full-time job. So, in the best ones neither person let’s the ball drop on continually improving, both in terms of personal development and as a partner.

The best business managers know that this idea of continuous improvement is critical to success and that if they’re not getting better they’re slipping by either losing market share or hurting organizational culture.

So what have you worked on lately?