Think big for your neighbors

Society has a tendency to lose sight of the big picture.

We become engrossed with immediate concerns or day-to-day problems like this person coming in and complaining or what we’re going to do with our significant other or when will we get to that bill we have to pay – the list could go on and on.

This is why so many plans get made then just sit on a shelf and why implementation is the hardest part of the policy process. There are so many distractions. And we are creatures plagued by wants and irrational desires.

For someone to escape the immediate and begin asking important questions, it takes something exceptional.

It takes a huge, defining experience; a forceful, inspiring leader; an intensely compassionate loved one; a life-changing book.

It’s unfortunate.

Most people by not appreciating the ideas, principles, and motivations underlying their actions, are letting someone down.

The struggling parent.

The person who’s left out. 

The next generation.

The elderly.

The lonely.

Our selfishness is destroying us. I think many of us know it. I think those that aren’t affected don’t have the empathy to do something substantive.

Don’t wait for something exceptional. Do good now. And question everything.