Hope, encouragement, and striving to give examples of goodness

My dearest friends recently told me that I shouldn’t write about the negative aspects of human nature. They suggested that most people already know that a lot of people suck, and it’s far more effective to give folks something to aspire to rather than something to fix.

I recognize that I’m probably not doing you any favors by focusing on the negative at length. After all, it is unlikely you can do something about the issues occurring in your life. If you call out those close to you for their bad behavior, you risk damaging the relationship, and people rarely listen to unsolicited advice from strangers.

I haven’t settled this yet. I’m not sure about the nuances between social commentary, elucidation, known issues, and harping. At the end of the day, I’m going to write the truth that’s in my heart and my perspective as I see it. I can’t change my message according to what my audience might prefer. That’s the definition of a hack artist.  But I realize that almost everyone is hungry for hope and encouragement and that it’s probably better for me to be a beacon instead of a critic.

The best I can put forward on this now is this: when possible, I will strive to give examples of goodness.