Is it wrong to encourage free thought and vulnerable self-expression?

I’ve been told that I need to just meet people where they’re at.

Many people find it overwhelming and uncomfortable to ask important questions.

It’s vulnerable. It opens a window for shame.

I’ve been told that if everyone were an asker or a seeker of something greater, then the social order would be upset. No one would work meaningless jobs.

I guess my response to that would be “Is that so bad?”

I’ve also been told that I need to ask myself why I feel the need to encourage others to be more thoughtful? Do I in some way feel like I must liberate them?

I guess I think that if everyone questioned their morals and reflected on why they act in the way they do, this would provide an opportunity for greater empathy and deliberate ethics.

If we aren’t seeking to ensure a more moral social order by asking more of ourselves, I fear we threaten cultural stability in the long-term.

I should note as an aside that I think we have to take time to make sure whoever we talk to about this is prepared.

People are scared. Many are wasteful. And the status quo is comfortable.

However, there are many amazing people working on translating important questions into a way that is digestible, namely through storytelling.  Brené Brown is creating a more vulnerable and connected world, many political leaders seem to be sincere champions of hope and fairness, and people are beginning to question the viability of our educational systems to foster more free-thinking and creative people.

These problems are new. So it’s not surprising they’re controversial or unfamiliar or difficult to wrap our minds around. They are the problems of our era. We are only now beginning to cope with how to deal with things like all the new intellectual property that’s being developed, the Wild West that is the Internet, and (this is kind of old, but still evolving) what it means to be a corporation. It’s fantastic that we have an opportunity to grapple with these problems. We have only just begun searching for what’s over the horizon in terms of equitable societal treatment, and I’m confident that eventually what’s right will be accepted.

I leave you with this: a quote supposedly from Mark Twain,

“History never repeats itself but it rhymes.”