Schools aren’t effectively teaching kids the value of community

Our schools are about teaching kids facts and discipline.

They don’t encourage them to think creatively.

And they don’t build character.

Curriculums, sports, and misguided cliques tend to foster people who value competition, lack a toolkit for critical thinking, and don’t know how to think seriously about what the moral thing to do is.

Schools should be asking more of kids.

Instead of turning in boxtops or cans, they should be working on a community garden, feeding and spending time with the homeless, and sharing their talents with kids in lower-income communities.

There should be lessons about what a dollar does for their neighborhood and how it’s wasted at a big corporation.

And acting out needs to be understood rather than punished.

Technology threatens the old saying that “it takes a village.”

Let’s be proactive, get grounded in the fundamentals of loving homes, and think seriously about how to raise good villagers.