On enjoying what you have

Yesterday, I wrote about how it’s hard to be reminded too much about the dangers of comparing ourselves and measuring our self-worth based on what we see on social media profiles.

Today, I’d like to build on that idea by additionally stating two things. The first is we are often interacting with someone’s front and, second, the people we see in the media usually aren’t real.

These masks and actors (who are often faked with plastic surgery and good publicists) can make us feel like who we are and what we have aren’t good enough. This is particularly dangerous for romantic relationships.

We might get caught up in the idea that someone out there will be perfect if only we’ll wait just a bit longer. Or, worse, we leave what we have when what we had actually was a really good thing.

The fact is no one is flawless. And even if you meet that dream person, it’s unlikely you’ll be complementary outside of your fantasies.

So I encourage you to be open to possibilities, and ultimately find someone who makes you a better version of yourself.