Don’t be jaded and cynical; adopt a disposition of continual growth and wonder

A wonderful thing about youth (being under the age of 70) is that you have so much to look forward to: You still have so many good books to read, so many great people to learn about, so many new ideas and experiences to appreciate.

It’s neverending.

We often get jaded though. We think, “Oh, I’ve seen it, experienced it, done it, lived it.” Or we get cynical and murmur, “What’s the use? I’m just a person, people suck, and everything’s meaningless.” That’s because we forget. We forget how to learn, how to grow, how to explore, how to play, how to dream, and how to change. We become settled in our ways, prideful in who we are. We think, “I’m done. I’ve grown now. After all, I am forty; that’s an old fart. I don’t even know what the kids are doing these days.”

What’s all this about dabbing? What’s it mean to spill the tea? Oofta, chief.

I’m convinced that life is a continual process of creative destruction. We are constantly breaking down parts of who we were yesterday to become a little bit of a better person today – a little more disciplined, fit, mindful, spiritual, kind, hopeful, sincere, helpful, wonderful, funny, or intelligent, for example.

If you adopt the right attitude, when you’re older you won’t look back and yearn for youth because you will have worked hard to build the life you wanted all along. You will have the love you need, a body that supports you well, and inner peace.