I’m colorful, a poem

Hi, I’m colorful.

Not much for insight
A fun ride
To call when you’re comfortable

Not to be too much trouble
But I’m feeling unlovable
Oh, you’re busy with others?
No, it’s fine
I’ll be all right.

Oh, you’re heading inside?
You’ll try to call me when you get time
I’ll take care of me!
You’re tired
And you haven’t seen those friends in a while

And I’m not your problem
I’ll turn to familiar friends
Like YouTube video clips
Memes to counteract my seriousness
I’m sorry I’m distant.

I’m sorry I’m starry-eyed
And I struggle sometimes
To take care of me.

People’s desire for the bottom line
And a lack of authenticity
Leads me to need to speak
To my friends and family
I know it’s about six
And you’ve got shows
And we’ve spoken about this
But I can’t cope

I swallowed a big pill
Of a hard life
A life that I chose
But I’m alone
Just pick up the phone
I can’t cope!

…Sometimes I go most of the days of my week
Without speaking
Sometimes I want to spend my life out running
The streets drinking
But moods pass like seasons…

And I’m a walking cliché.

I know I’m a lot
But hey, I’m colorful.