Dear previous My Chemical Romance listeners, I get it.

I’ve known users and boozers,
Spent some time at nine
Hotboxing in a car
While my dad and his friends
Were getting high
And lots of men who
Took me for road loads,
Which taught me it was
Cool to drink and drive.

So I was feckless,
Drove an Escort so reckless
It stalled on the ride –
On a death wish,
Running from the pain inside.

What’s more – abusers,
I’ve seen all kinds.
It was violent in youth,
Called the cops as a tot;
My pa was beating my ma.

And as a teen in revolt,
I was shunned and shamed,
Told I wasn’t loved,
Had a stepdad who thought I was gay.
I was too much trouble,
And for others, I was more than a pain.
I was choked by a bloke;
He thought I needed constrain.

But lo, I was better
Or so it was thought.
So I was isolated from love
And told I had to shut up.

I suffered from others’
Intolerance, complexes, and trauma.
Instead of understood, I was punished
For my acting out and drama.

Looking back I can see I was a typical teen
With confusion who just wanted friends.
Stuck in an environment that taught me
Anger and alone defined so-called men.

The system suspended me,
Counselors played favorites,
Teachers were angered and gave me demerits
I lived a life in vexation,
Lost and mistreated.

So today I seem different and awkward when greeted.