Influence and imitation

You’re not going to be like the people you look up to.

The best Elvis impersonator might look 95% percent like Elvis.

They might dance, look, and talk almost perfectly like the King himself.

But they won’t have the spark that made Elvis a rockstar.

They will have their own spark, which might be smothered by the impersonator’s need to embody another’s personality.

So the trick is to find your influences, people you want to be like, not people you want to be.

You’re not going to be an exceptional comedian trying to do comedy exactly like Eddie Murphy.

You’re not going to find distinction singing just like Billie Eilish.

You’ll find success in discovering yourself by seeking out what you like and continually readjusting your actions to be more in accordance with the true north of your inner compass.

You’re on the right track when you’re feeling excitement, joy, and passion – time flying and acute obsession.