How to follow an authentic life despite the need to make a living

Hedge your bets.

In Adam Grant’s Originals, there are numerous examples of creative-types and entrepreneurs who chose not to bank on making it on their own.

T.S. Eliot was a banker. The students that started Warby Parker were applying for other jobs while they built their business. Thoreau worked as a handyman. Whitman was a government clerk.

The stories you hear about people taking out a second mortgage, quitting everything, and schlepping it to millionaire-status or world fame, those are not good examples. They’re the exception, not the rule.

Don’t risk your well-being.

Don’t be a starving artist.

Live the life you want when you have some time.

If you don’t, you could end up a hack, doing work that’s similar to what you want to do but compromising for money.

It’s better to live the exact life you want in your spare time than suffer fighting for a rarer form of success that might not happen in your lifetime.