March confidently in the direction of your dreams

March on.
Like a soldier, valiantly defend the wholeness of who are.
The expression of your full self: the shame, the sadness, the joy, the confused, the shattered, the thoughtless, the fearful, the excited, the content.
The everything.
Know that your feelings are likely felt by millions, that the things you love, others likely love.
The connection.
The trust.
The acceptance.

March on.
Like a general, courageously command the parts of you that are holding you back.
These are the feelings that you won’t measure up, the hesitance of failure, the scarcity, the uncertainty.
The darkness.
Know that these feelings are felt by everyone, and overcome by too few.
Connection does not require agreeableness.
Trust is not always warranted.
Acceptance isn’t distributed fairly.

And that’s okay.

You march on.
Despite the fact that not everyone will accept you – or your work.
Because recognizing that pleasing others indiscriminately is a sure means to a lost life,
That a life without risk, without going out on a limb, without facing blockades and storming the bastille of others’ opinions, professional opinions, is a life that hasn’t made the highest contribution that it must make out of an ineffable obligation.
One must forget the experts.
The critics.
The sideliners.
The colleagues.
And especially the gatekeepers.

One must speak the sincere truth that is within them without fear, without affectation, without deceit.
Being mindful of kindness and tact but honest nonetheless.

We are alive for a moment,
Here today, gone tomorrow.
We have one chance.
Yet so many are waiting for permission.

It’s never going to be perfect or easy or obvious.
It’s always going to take longer than you think.

Sacrifices will be made.

You are eventually going to fail.
Sometimes very, very badly.

Do it anyway.