There’s nothing greater than love

A romantic relationship, at it’s best, feels like the comfort and bliss of youth. A night in bed watching movies together seems like the times when you were young, hanging out with your best friend – because that person is your best friend.

That best friend dotingly cares for you while you’re sick, believes in you, pushes you to be better, makes you laugh, and soothes your sadness.

While this experience is rare (mostly because it takes so much work to build), there’s nothing quite as satisfying once you have it.

Even if the moment is only that, a moment, it’s worth the effort.

Three things could be said to constitute a well-lived life: impactful work, meaningful friendships, and fulfilling romantic companionship.

In the end, you might feel a sense of pride in your legacy or joy in your friendship, but there’s no replacement for unconditional love.

So cherish your friends, celebrate and seek accomplishments, and fight for love once you find it.