Stop trying to be what you think you should be and do what makes you happy


The high of something new can make it seem like you’ve transformed.

You experiment with a new style, and you think to yourself, “This is me now!” (The attached image is from Bob’s Burgers.)

But time passes, and you discover that what seemed like a good music genre a few months ago just doesn’t bring the same listening pleasure it once offered.

You might feel like the right thing to do in these moments is to cling desperately to some idea of who you once were, to keep listening to Bob Dylan because you know folks think he’s the greatest even though you don’t like his voice.

But a healthier approach is to just stop and try something else.

Getting up day after day and doing things that you know no longer make you happy is insane.

If journaling daily is a chore rather than a release, a break will allow you to reset and come back with fresh motivation.

Be happy. Switch things up. Lean into who you are this moment. It’ll be okay.