56730655_432807690817997_5312779403036459008_nHi there, my name’s Kyle. I’m a master’s student at Northern Illinois University. I study public administration and specialize in local government management. I study local governance because I understand the importance of responsible, thoughtful community leadership.

While completing my degree, I’m working for a suburb of Madison, Wisconsin, called Belleville and preparing to apply to Ph.D. programs. I hope to eventually explore issues regarding getting people meaningfully engaged in the democratic process, helping small and struggling communities overcome global competition, and overcoming social inequity.

Prior to my work in Belleville, I worked with another small community just outside of Milwaukee, a couple of chambers of commerce, a township government, and a start-up focusing on business innovation and incubation.

I blog daily about topics related to what it means to live a meaningful, liberally educated, and righteous life. My blog serves two purposes: helping me develop my unique voice and encouraging others to live their best, most authentic, and morally informed life.