I didn’t publish any posts this weekend.

Instead, I chose to immerse myself in moments.

I think I won’t publish from now on between Friday and Sunday.

I need these moments.

Because these moments allow me to immerse myself in myself so that the writing during the weekdays can be better.

They allow me to live a better life.

They allow me to explore.

And discover the things that need changing.

I wanted to write daily, but it’s simply unsustainable with the amount of work I have to do.

For that, I am sorry.

But the writing will be better this way.

And (I think) it’s only for now.



Success comes from talent, luck, and grit. You can’t control talent. But with enough grit, you might make your own luck. So keep at it if you think you’ve got a shot. And remember, sometimes the best things come when you least expect them.

Is that obvious? It should be. Yet, the media and workplaces seem to forget it all the time.

Be slow to judge and quick to forgive…

This is one of my favorite adages.

I apply it nearly every day.

No one is perfect; we are each fighting our own battles; everyone has unique strengths and weaknesses.

And in those moments when anger or frustration might have been appropriate, it’s the unwarranted grace, patience, and kindess that will eventually make you a great person.

41vGBwZh0-L._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_In college, I had the privilege of becoming an honors student in my department. Perhaps the greatest reward this offered was the opportunity to take a doctoral-level course. We studied Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America for four months.

My most affecting experience in that class was when I uttered the following sentence:

“I believe in doubt.”

It remains striking to this day because I was soon laughed and scoffed at. I was told, “You can’t believe in doubt!”

But you can; I know, because I do.

Here’s why: a quote in an old book called Morals and Dogma. It’s a tough read and a bit out there for most. But this quote is so important:

Doubt, the essential preliminary of all improvement and discovery. Knowledge is always imperfect … discovery multiplies doubt and doubt leads on to new discovery. The boast of science is not so much its manifested results, as its admitted imperfection and capacity of unlimited progress. The true religious philosophy of an imperfect being is not a system of creed, but, as Socrates thought, an infinite search or approximation. Finality is but another name for bewilderment or defeat.

We don’t know. And usually, the more we know, the more we feel like we don’t know.

As we get older, some of us get set in our ways. We grow prideful and start to say to ourselves, “I have amassed so much knowledge and experience, how could I not be right?”

But in reality, we probably got it wrong about a lot of things.

It’s absurd to think we’ve got the answers. The human race is so young, and the age of information has just begun.

So don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers yet; you probably never will, my friend.

And that’s okay because that uncertainty is how we progress.



An illustration from Enormous Smallness, a biography about E.E. Cummings, an inspiring hoper

I’m stressed
Overworked and just a mess
I like to practice mental rest
Mindfulness to soothe distress
I’d like to write, read many books, and plan for tests

And plan for papers

And plan for work

And plan for plans so I can practice mental rest

But I’m upset
I’d like to explore and play and swim and joke and snort
And cuddle in a pillow fort

But I’m pressed for time
There’s much to do
Seriousness about hullabaloo

People in charge have decided that funs too fun
And, “Well, there’s a time for that”
It’s set for seven; haven’t you looked?
It’s there within our discipline book

You’re grown now, after all
If you’re to succeed, you must learn to settle with less
What’s all this with creative work, sincerity, and imagination?

Don’t you know the worlds at war?
Our nation’s facing several disgraces
Don’t you know there are czars and greed?
Don’t you know you there are drunks in bars and poverty,
Anxiety, and people in the streets with no food to eat?
Responsibility means you must pursue industry

Adults show up, despite disease
You’ve committed; our society requires you to be
Tired and buttoned-down – to the tee
Speaking of, have you practiced your golf swing?
You’ll need to if you will compete most effectively

Be grateful, it once was worse
Children had to work and didn’t learn
And hours lasted and smoke would burn in city streets

You see: the world is unkind
People lie and care for their lives
They forget they’re kids inside
And choose to hide behind a role that they decide

It’s confusing, I know; I feel it too

And what are we to do?

There’s a secret thing
I’m so happy to share with you:
Don’t listen to those authorities

It’s scary, I know, but success just needs faith and hope

Don’t sacrifice who you are inside
To be a part of something that makes people mope

Hear your heart and help your friends
You might need to plan now and then

But it’s okay to take the time for jokes and snorts and pillow forts

And live your life
Don’t give it up; just keep focus
Practice your passion and commit some time
You might fail but eventually you’ll notice

You’ve built a life you love
And the dreams people told you to believe were true
They were just a bit tough
There’s no right answer
So don’t worry, keep going, and do what’s right for you

Besides the basics of nutrition and regular exercise, where are we to discover well-being? The answer is simple.

But it’s so hard to achieve.

There are three fundamental aspects to the good life:

  1. Community
  2. Connection
  3. Character

If we have community and connection, we have a social system that promotes our highest potential and soothes us in turbulent times.

Though these won’t matter if we don’t have the disposition to appreciate them. And a lack of rightful understanding and conduct leads to toxicity and dysfunction in our lives. So it’s necessary that we strive to know what it means to embody good character.

Sorry, friends. I had to work on schoolwork and enjoyed spending quality time with my significant other.

But here’s one of my favorite quotes: The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your questions.

Have a wonderful Saturday!