More wonderful books for personal progress

Continuing this idea that good books provide perspective that can be used to challenge existing beliefs and grow as a person, one might inquire as to what constitutes a good book. Last month I offered some insight related to this when I wrote that the first step to becoming cultured is to start reading great … Continue reading More wonderful books for personal progress


It's unfortunate, the sacrifices that must be made to succeed. Usually, it's not seeing someone we love. Sometimes it's our health. We can't take care of ourselves like we'd like to because we have to finish something to meet a deadline. These sacrifices are hard. But, these sacrifices are temporary. Keep going. It'll be okay … Continue reading Sacrifice

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Unwaveringly fuel your warm tinder of purpose; follow the voice of guidance, evidenced by karmic joy. Inquire about the meaning of goodness and trueness; shun deceit and hypocrisy. Greatness is a collage of principle; slowly stitching the fabric of wisdom. The piece is never quite complete, but in time, you'll find the warm tinder and the … Continue reading Go on