It’s not going to be the same, and that’s okay.

Just strive to find the beauty in the change. 

And don’t get too nostalgic.

Let’s talk about our insecurities openly.

Be honest when we feel a pressure to fit in.

And cultivate comfort with connection.

The fear of being frank about our feelings creates barriers between us.

The best way to overcome it is through courage, which is not fearlessness.

It is putting ourselves out there despite how we feel.

It’s the small steps that lead to a more understanding world.


People come and go.

If you gave the maintenance of the relationship your best effort, you’ve nothing to regret.

The mistakes you made are because you’re human, and it’s okay and natural.

Don’t get caught up on the abandonment.

And definitely don’t dislike yourself.

Eventually, everything will be just fine.



As a kid you feel like remembering birthdays is something adults do.

You might wonder to yourself at what point do you need to start giving cards or other gifts.

But the truth is that it’s never too early to start remembering birthdays.

They’re important to people.

And it means a lot to celebrate with someone the day they entered the world.

It’s the kind thing to do because it makes them feel special.

Hard work, a kind heart, creativity over competition, a clear vision of what you want, faith, thoughtful feedback, thankfulness, and passion. These are some of the main ingredients to a successful life.

Growing as a person and incorporating these into your life takes patience, practice, and an ability to withstand hardship. But keep at it, and they’ll come slowly but surely. Then you’ll be able to find solutions to the world’s problems and become an inspiring beacon for others.

Note: Along the way, it may not be fair all the time, but that injustice – like everything – is an opportunity to learn. There are opportunities for growth all around us. We just have to learn to see.