Take a moment this new year to tell someone that you appreciate them.

In 2020, I resolve to try to remember that everyone is just giving it their best shot and to do my best to make people feel important, comfortable, and special.

Good luck with your resolutions, friends.


We forget what it means to love someone unconditionally.

It means that we make a choice to love despite the shortcomings we see.

I’ve previously focused too much on how people in my life missed my expectations. They were a bit crude, they were loud, and they made life choices that I disagreed with, so I would reject and avoid them.

Today, I’ve learned to put aside my differences and appreciate the love that I do have – from both friends and family.

There’s always room for improvement, forever things to judge. This Thanksgiving I encourage you to remember that and accept the people in your life by appreciating what they do right.

They’re here for you now, after all.

The forgiving heart sees mistakes yet acknowledges an understanding about the imperfection.

The forgiving heart recognizes that the intentions pursued on the road to hell mean something; it matters that they gave it their best shot.

The forgiving heart knows that most of us are still learning, and so we are bound to have faults, say stupid things we don’t mean (or things we do mean but don’t know we shouldn’t), and fail to consider the implications of our actions.

The forgiving heart, ultimately, recognizes that people are sometimes going to fail to live up to our expectations, and it accepts that as okay.

The trick to the correct application of the forgiving heart is to find folks who will appreciate it and grow with us.