Mission Statement

Inspired by my first-hand experience growing up in a Rust Belt community where people felt a lack of opportunity, living with a single mom that struggled to find work as a social worker, and experiencing the harsh impacts of poor leadership, I am driven with an intense passion to fight for an inclusive and equitable democratic society.

I will empower the people and places most at-need and cast a light on the struggle millions must cope with because of historical inequality, greed, self-interest, pride, and a lack of empathy.

I will foster environments that create community leaders who can speak truth to power, stand up for the voiceless, and narrow gaps of influence through civic education and lessons of upstanding character.

I will constantly strive to be the best version of myself, despite who I’ve been, and make those I interact with better versions of themselves by demonstrating the necessity of values, authenticity, and commitment.

I will never give up hope that there can be a better tomorrow.

And I will never lose my sense of wonder or idealism.